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What motivates Ember Business Solutions?

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

In 2018, founders Joey Pearce and Mitchell Miers both had the audacious idea to start a company that made a difference for small businesses. Both Joey and Mitchell’s careers started from humble beginnings working at a John Deere dealership in Minnesota. Early on, the two realized the tremendous stress and struggle of the small business entrepreneur. Work life balance, business knowledge, and time were some areas of struggle they noticed.

After these realizations, the pair knew they had to do something to help local entrepreneurs alike. With the entrepreneur in mind, they decided to start Ember Business Solutions.

According to Joey and Mitchell, “Ember Business Solutions was a place that we could both actively serve more entrepreneurs and make a better impact in their lives. Business owners spend most of their time working day to day. So we asked ourselves, why we can’t be the people to make their lives better at work.”